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2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Monday August 21, 2017 

Partial phase start: 10:25:50 AM (MDT) - Totality Start: 11:48:11 AM (MDT)


 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Map of Nebraska Path The Scottsbluff / Gering Area is in the path of totality for the Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017! Observers there will see (appx.) 1m 42s of totality! Viewers are going to be truly amazed! There are major Nebraska cities that will fall under the eclipse’s path of totality, giving people some of the longest views of the event. Among the cities most affected will be Scottsbluff, Gering, Alliance, North Platte, Kearney, Hastings, Grand Island, Lincoln and Beatrice.

During the eclipse, the moon will pass directly between the sun and the earth, blocking light from the sun and casting the land below into shadow in the middle of the day. People under the path of the moving shadow will see the skies darken and the feel the temperature drop.

The path of totality will cross the United States, but relatively few states will be in position to see the full effect of the eclipse. About 40 percent of Nebraska will be in the path of the event. Because Nebraska has no forests or mountains to block the view and skies are generally clear, it’s considered a prime destination for viewers.

The total eclipse will be the first in the region in 99 years. There will be several eclipses that pass over the US in the 21st century. If you miss this one, you will need to wait seven years for the total eclipse in 2024.

The Gering Convention and Visitors Bureau say local hotels have already booked half of their rooms for the duration of the event.


Moon Over the Monument  The towns of Gering and Scottsbluff are collaborating on plans for a weekend of Eclipse events for visitors and residents; here is a preview of their schedule of events with more information and events coming soon!



August 21, 2017

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Scottsbluff / Gering Area, NE 69341
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